Label Kanupriya in many ways is a celebration of Style, Individuality, Feminity and Power.

Our effort is to give you Quality Deisgnerwear, High on style, without adding weight on your wallet!

Shop our collection of premium Tunics, Capes, Kurtas and Lowers and you'll find our commitment to individuality and style reflected in each piece.

Label kanupriya presents to you a very chic way to take over the world and look fabulous while doing it!

The Label Kanupriya Philosophy

Label Kanupriya is an ode to all that is beautiful, crazy, whimsical - be bold, make a statement and don't be afraid to shine! Label Kanupriya is .......

For those occasions when you dress up just beacause you feel like it!

All that you need to take your look from just fine to totally fabulous!!

An easy way to pamper yourselves - this is 21st century, we spoil ourselves!

Your chance to look effortlessly stylish, all the time and everywhere!!